Manager, Health & SafetyRef:217637

Last Updated: 2023/10/12

Company: Casino Hotel Industry: Hotel Industry

Job Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and maintain the requirements of the Safety Management systems including incident reporting, investigation and risk assessments.

  • Enforcing policies to establish a culture of honesty and promotes health and safety.

  • Supervise incident response, root cause analysis and implementation of remedial and corrective actions.

  • Identify, assess and implement improvement projects to eliminate hazards and risks.

  • Identify training requirements, provide and manage the delivery training.

  • Train senior management in health and safety leadership.

  • Oversee Document Control, numbering, filing, sorting and retrieval of electronically stored or hard copy documentation produced by the teams to ensure SOPs are maintained.

  • Undertake ongoing review and update of SOPs.

  • Provide assistance in managing employee injuries follow-up, rehabilitation progress and workers compensation where applicable.

  • Ensure the accurate use of the Health and Safety database system for reporting, monitoring and reviewing of incident reporting and investigation.

  • Oversee a Health and Safety audit program and carry out regular inspections / audits to check that policies and procedures are being properly implemented.

  • Prepare, maintain and monitor budget, forecasts and expenses on an ongoing basis. Perform other tasks and projects assigned by head of Entertainment Department.


Job Requirements:

  • University graduated or above.

  • A minimum of 5 years working experience in complex entertainment venues.

  • Experience in project management, risk management, investigation, security and safety related field.

  • Analytical mind, patience, attention to details, good dignity, and integrity.

  • Good critical thinking and problem solving, ability to analyze complex problems.

  • Strong natural instinct, to be able to quickly assess the likelihood of certain outcomes.

  • Willingness to define, practice and conform to safe working procedures.

  • Strong commitment to the endurance of a show in a repetitive environment.

  • Energetic, enthusiastic and hardworking; ability to remain calm in a turbulent environment while demonstrating a sense of prioritization.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills; ability to demonstrate and inspire complete trust and integrity.

  • Good written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to read and communicate in Cantonese / Mandarin / English.

  • Professional maturity; to work comfortably in a multicultural environment.