JCHR is Macau’s go-to human resources consultancy for small- to mega-sized companies. Founded and owned by Jacinta Ho, a local human resources professional with more than 15 years of experience, JCHR matches talented jobseekers with Macau’s best jobs.

We assist our clients to integrate effective HR processes, programs, and practices into their daily operations. Our HR professionals have a wealth of experience on the client-side and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and priorities.

Founder &
Managing Director

Jacinta Ho has more than 15 years of expertise in Macau’s hospitality industry and retail sector in talent sourcing, expatriate services, HR administration, and talent development. She is a regular speaker at local and overseas universities and NGOs on career matters and human resources policies and practices.

Jacinta holds a Master of Business Administration in Management & Finance from Chaminade University of Honolulu, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and Finance from the University of Hawaii.


JCHR partners with you to handle today’s HR challenges and capture tomorrow’s opportunities. We help you manage talent acquisition, HR compliance, workforce planning, and employee engagement. Our five-point approach ExCEL :
1. Expatriate Services 2. Compensation and Benefits 3. Employment (Talent Sourcing and Career Planning) 4. Employee Relations, HR Administration and Compliance 5. Learning and Organizational Development

Expatriate Services

Our experts have years of experience navigating Macau's expatriate employment laws and will make sure your expatriate talent feels welcome in Macau. Our services include:

• Work Permit Application and Family Attachment Application
• Tourist Visa Extension
• Quota Application
• Macau ID Application
• Domestic Worker Application
• Relocation Services... ( more )

Compensation and Benefits

We can provide a comprehensive range of payroll, insurance, and taxation assistance, including:

• Company Insurance and Employee Compensation Insurance Setup
• Benefit Scheme Setup and Compliance
• Payroll Calculation and Professional Taxation Filing
• SSF, M2, M2A Filing... ( more )

Employment (Talent Sourcing and Career Planning)

We are a local company with strong roots in the community. Every talent search is bespoke and tailored to your organization's needs. We can conduct a specialized talent search to fill a single or small number of openings. Our employment services include:

• Staffing needs analysis
• Talent Acquisition and Executive Search (local and overseas) *
• Casual Labor Management
• Interview First-Look Service... ( more )

Employee Relations, HR Administration and Compliance

JCHR supports your employee relations activities to aid retention and build staff loyalty. We are capable of implementing an electronic HR information system and offering advices on HR compliance. Our services in these areas include:

• Labor Law Compliance
• Electronic HR Information System for rosters, attendance, and payroll
• Employee Resolution
• Retention Programs... ( more )

Learning and Organizational Development

Stay ahead of the competition by engaging JCHR to develop an industry- and company-specific training program to suit your employees' needs. We can help with:

• Training Needs Analysis
• Tailor-made Training Programs
• Career Path Development... ( more )

Areas of Expertise

Talent Sourcing

JCHR can help you strategize your recruitment marketing campaign. We can source talented candidates from South East Asia and the world for entry-level roles through to senior executives. We strive to ensure you staying on top of the recruitment process.

Areas of Expertise

Expatriate Services

JCHR makes expatriate arrivals in Macau smooth and welcoming, from relocation services, familiarization programs, to real estate assistance, our experts have your needs covered.

Areas of Expertise

HR Administration

JCHR takes the hard work out of HR administration for Macau SMEs. We deliver an outsourced electronic solution to manage rosters, employee attendance, and payroll. JCHR's HR information system looks after your HR needs so you can get on with the business of running your company.

Areas of Expertise

Talent Development

If you want your employees to be motivated and take ownership and control of their careers, JCHR can help you orchestrate an organizational or departmental training program. Encourage your employees to learn and grow, and open your organization up to opportunities from new and emerging sources of talent.



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